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The new LGBTQ+ leaders of the Boy Scouts bring hope for a brighter future

In 2014, Tess English chose to hide her sexuality to work as a district executive in Tucson for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), an organization that at the time barred queer members. For her, it was about the mission at hand; she knew queer youth were also hiding in plain sight.

English had already learned about sacrificing her personal life for the greater good by serving in the military for eight years as a Navy Seabee. She began her service in 2007, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell wasn’t lifted un

Can drag queens swing the election? Cynthia Lee Fontaine says they’re more powerful than you think.

On any given Saturday night, Cynthia Lee Fontaine is doing her usual rounds in the gay nightlife scene of Austin, where she lives. While most bar patrons might recognize the RuPaul’s Drag Race alum, Fontaine hasn’t arrived to entertain them, not entirely.

The Puerto Rican drag queen is dolled up on a mission to create political awareness by encouraging individuals to inform themselves and use their voices.

“Do you know that your rights are on the line?”

These are some of Fontaine’s critical q

It should not be difficult to mourn both Jewish & Palestinian suffering

When my mother converted to Islam, I tried to convince her not to wear the hijab. But it was as futile as if she would’ve asked me not to sleep with men when I came out of the closet.

I messaged her about the dangers. As a journalist, I was uncomfortably aware of how deadly a stranger’s ignorance could be.

Enough time passed without incident that I forgot she made herself a visible target.

Then, I read about and saw videos of Hamas terrorists slaughtering over a thousand Jewish people – almos

Republicans find LGBTQ+ rights “unthinkable” yet can easily believe in aliens

There are two things I never thought I’d see in my lifetime: nudes of the president’s son waved in front of Congress…and a congressional hearing on aliens.

David Grusch, a United States Air Force veteran turned extraterrestrial whistleblower, didn’t come with receipts during his congressional testimony, but that didn’t stop GOP representatives from eating his stories up.

Personally, I need proof to believe the reality of aliens, but I was surprised to see so many GOP members didn’t.

Long hear

LGBTQ+ history didn’t start with Stonewall: Connecting with my queer Latin American roots

I’ve lived most of my adulthood as a proud f****t in New York. But I decided to spend last summer in my native country, Colombia.

I didn’t return to reconnect with my roots. I had two American friends temporarily living there who suggested I join them. Since I came out, my queerness has always felt more prominent than sexuality – it’s my power. But the prospect of being a gay man in Latin America suddenly felt like kryptonite.

Although I was of course aware gay people were born worldwide, I di

She is head of the largest LGBTQ+ organization & she knows our Achilles heel

The following interview is part of LGBTQ Nation‘s six-part Queer State of the Union, in which we speak with some of the nation’s queer leaders to find out what they see as the challenges — and solutions — for the queer community and our struggle for equal rights.

Kelley Robinson was leading Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s political arm when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022.

She was sitting in a room full of abortion providers at the time.

Before they could internaliz

How to Negotiate Your ATS Pricing

Pricing negotiation mirrors the art of tightrope walking, deftly balancing cost and value aligned with your budget. Yet, in the realm of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software, this negotiation takes on an added complexity, given the nuanced nature of technology and the diverse offerings from each provider.

The silver lining? Utilize this veil to your strategic advantage in securing a more favorable rate.

Why You Should Negotiate ATS Pricing

An ATS is a software tool designed for recruiters

The GOP is too scared of losing power to acknowledge lunacy when they see it

“How is this possible?” I find myself increasingly asking regarding American politics – from Donald Trump’s election in 2016 to abortion rights being rolled back in the summer of 2022. The twists and turns land with morbid humor, the same way you can’t help but smile during days when everything goes incomprehensibly wrong.

Last month, I was once again haunted by this rhetorical question upon hearing the Supreme Court sided with plaintiff Lorie Smith, the Christian graphic designer suing for the

Is ChatGPT More Dateable Than a Republican? An Investigation

It’s 10:45 p.m. on a Thursday, and I’m helping myself to an overserved glass of Sauvignon Blanc in preparation for the mental rendezvous to come, otherwise known as a date. Of course, I wouldn’t usually be wearing my jammies—an oversized distressed crop top and pants saturated with the face of sloth icon Homer Simpson—but that’s the beauty about going on a date with an AI chatbot; it doesn’t care unless you program it to.

You see, I recently unknowingly slept with a Republican, and our pillow t

As Florida becomes increasingly hostile, 2 queer teachers contemplate their next moves

Lana Mims first heard the word ‘gay’ used as a slur in middle school. It was long before the now-36-year-old publicly identified as queer and long before she became an athletic director at a private school in West Palm, Florida.

In August 2022 and after six years of work, she chose not to renew her contract teaching P.E. to 8th graders. “I was overwhelmed and overworked and underpaid, like most teachers, period,” she told LGBTQ Nation. “Everyone’s tired, everyone’s irritated. Our school was exp

I got my Amex Platinum for the clout — but I'm educating myself about the risks

• I didn't really know much about my credit card before I got it — I just knew it was a status symbol.
• I talked to a financial therapist about my card. She says it's okay to indulge within your budget.
• I'm learning more about my card and how to enjoy its benefits safely — both tangible and intangible.

I used to be the kind of person who'd part with his last hundred dollars to buy drinks for strangers at the bar, valuing appearance over survival.

Aging has helped me slay many of my charact

Who will fight for those left behind? Why these LGBTQ+ activists won’t leave Florida

As an undercover Colombian anti-drug agent during Pablo Escobar’s reign, Andrea Montanez has learned a thing or two about hiding her identity.

Of course, this was before she identified as trans or transitioned, which wouldn’t occur until after she sought refuge in Florida 24 years ago. You could say she has feared for her life on multiple fronts, but Montanez has never stopped worrying about her queerness putting her in danger.

When asked who is more capable of evil, the most infamous kingpin

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