"Now It Affects You" by Jamie Valentino

It’s been a hell of a couple of months for you. Counting down the days until the end of quarantine and considering quitting Zoloft, your depression will at least make the required social distancing more desirable. At the beginning of the era of Covid-19, so much was changing; every morning came with the possibility of a new “normal.” But now, the pandemic has lost its mystique.
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A New Yorker's open letter to anyone asking: "Are you OK?"

The city that never sleeps is snoozing indefinitely; however, with most of her inhabitants staying at home, her skyline shines brighter at night.
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Most of Us Are One Wrong Turn from Homelessness

Many will be spending the holidays alone this season. It’s an opportunity to experience the solitude so many individuals worldwide live daily, indefinitely. If you’re lucky enough to be with friends, family, or a partner, take a moment to think about all the love you feel for them. Then, imagine them on a dark street corner, in ragged clothing. They are cold because it’s winter, and hungry because they haven’t eaten since yesterday morning. Begging to be seen, you walk past them, blind to that love. They plead for your help, and you scoff, disgusted, to let go of your leg. Homelessness cloaks their identity like a costume. They cease to matter to you or anyone else.

Face Masks Embody the Union of Function & Style in Fashion Accessories

It’s part of your daily routine before leaving the house, patting your pants, maybe double checking your bag – phone, wallet, keys. Upon exiting the front door, you’re reminded of the not so new normal: You forgot your mask. For many, face masks permeated beyond a Covid-19 safety protocol into the realm of accessories, whether complimenting the look in the same color or as a statement piece embracing contrast. The resilience and adaptability of fashion are palpable in our consumer culture; now, almost every major fashion brand selling its own styles of face masks.

Weaponizing Your Sex Appeal: Advice from NYFW's Experts

One hell of an on-going pandemic and seven months later: salons resume performing God’s work, restaurants approach re-opening indoors, companies demand employees commute their masked-up asses back to the office, and a new, new normal emerges. Sweatpants and slogan T-shirts are no longer a forgivable offense, so why are you still wearing outfits Mom picked out in college? It’s time to impress with more than your occupation.

Advice on Home Decor from New York Influencers and Fashionistas

One of the early symptoms of achieving adulthood is a sudden interest in home decor, especially for those who've been preparing for this their whole lives with too many Saturday nights spent modifying alternative versions of the perfect home playing the Sims. Throw pillows, wall art, decorative bases, ect.; it becomes an aphrodisiac for some of us. Unfortunately, unlike the video game, life doesn't come with a starter budget,

Exclusive Interview with Broadway Star Michael Longoria

Michael Longoria dazzled Broadway audiences with his acclaimed performance as Frankie Valli in the Tony award-winning musical Jersey Boys. He’s joined forces with three of that show’s original cast members to form the vocal group, The Midtown Men. Billed as a high-octane musical tour de force, celebrating the best of the 1960s, the group features Longoria, Tony winner Christian Hoff, Daniel Reichard and Tony nominee J. Robert Spencer. Their next performances are this Friday December 20th at Nort

Exclusive Interview: Philanthropist Jean Shaffirof is Changing the World in a Designer Gown

Most evenings Jean Shaffirof can be seen leaving her penthouse on Madison Avenue, most likely wearing a gown from her impressive collection, on her way to a charity gala. What the public doesn’t see is the work and time that she put to get there. A gala is essentially a celebration, and Jean has dedicated her life to ensuring that there’s a reason to celebrate. Currently serving on the board of eight charities, Jean’s commitment to helping started with baking brownies. “I had a winning recipe,

It's Time to Start Taking Pride in Self-Pleasure, and Tenga Wants to Help

The time to start taking pride in self-pleasure is past overdue, and Tenga picked no better time to begin than Pride. For too long have items that promote anything remotely sexually pleasurable been put in the back shelves. Tenga is even meeting store owners halfway by marketing the containers so cutely – totally innocent. In order to bring sexuality to the forefront, the adult toy company hosted an intimate Tenga Talks panel, moderated by Sexologist Shan Boodramat, at the Box last Wednesday to
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