I'm a Colombian-born quadruplet raised in Miami and made into an adult in New York. I've garnered a decade of communications, editorial, and operations experience. 

My career started planning engagement proposals for Shark Tank's Paparazzi Proposals. I coordinated step-by-step plans across major US cities with sketched-on maps like we were the Secret Service. Under the CEO, I helped manage 45+ freelance photographers and countless vendors.

I've also written marketing speeches for Manhattan Renovations, 

I've always been writing in one way or another. During 2020, I decided to send my personal work to any editor's email I could find online. Vice translated my first published essay into five languages. 

Since then, I've specialized as a romance expert, lived across Europe and Latin America as a travel correspondent, delivered culture and political commentary, reported on consumer culture, and interviewed myriad influential figures and celebrities. My articles have been published or republished in over 100 newspapers and publications, including Chicago Tribune, Reader's Digest UK, WIRED, Houston Chronicle, Business Insider, etc. 

Recently, I've expanded my scope to help elevate the voices of brands, businesses, and executives.  

Language is my power and fascination.