I Tried That "Saltburn" Bathwater Candle and Now Feel Closer to Jacob Elordi

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Jacob Elordi stands six feet and five inches tall, so I was surprised to read three and a half inches in length, although the girth was promising. Still, I've been around the block enough times to know what really matters is the smell.

Candles are a love language for me, specifically, self-love. I spark them on solo evenings, and I tend to embrace scents that fill a

I was a luxury proposal planner. This complaint made me lose faith in love

‘You don’t think a scavenger hunt is romantic?’ asked my client Michael*.

He’d just suggested sending his girlfriend on a wild goose chase across Manhattan, retrieving clues from his exes in the order he’d dated them – I was horrified.

But as a proposal planner, my role was to focus on logistics rather than acting as a gatekeeper of perceived ‘romance’.

Luckily, most men (and a few women) who came to my company for help weren’t married to their own ideas and I was usually able to provide them

This Malbec Is the Best Wine for Dinner Parties—and It's Just $10

After years of scouring wine shops for the best tasting bottle to gift, I discovered this affordable and delicious red.

Your friend invites you to a dinner party, which sounds fun until the burden of bringing something dawns on you. Bringing alcohol is part of the sacred ritual of social etiquette for going to someone's home, even if BYOB isn't specified on the invite.

But when you're faced with overwhelming aisles of wines, whiskeys, and tequilas, anxiety creeps in. You don't want to arrive e

Here’s how to speak the ‘language of love’ with amazing holiday gifts

Out of all the love languages, gift-giving may be the most misunderstood. I’ve always craved the intimacy of receiving another person’s idea of me as a tangible possession or adorning myself with their memory, and vice versa.

But some lovers branded my heart a red flag when I was honest about my infatuation with presents. When I started planning engagement proposals, the irony of my love language was ocassionally dismissed as materialistic or frivolous, yet the most emotional moment of people

8 go-to travel essentials to globetrot in style

After globetrotting full-time for the past couple of years, I’ve come to terms with the fact that no hack or secret will fully prepare you for the unexpected nature of travel. But if queer people know anything, it’s how to assimilate to settings outside of their comfort zone and still remain their fabulous selves.

As I fell overboard a boat in Weggis, a small seaside town built on the edge of Lake Lucerne (a quick train ride from Zurich), or scavenged the streets of Grazia in Barcelona for my a

This Dairy Queen Item Was One of My Childhood's Greatest Joys

As a kid, my personality could be summed up with two indulgences: Sour Skittles and the legendary Oreo Brownie Earthquake from Dairy Queen. Sour Skittles were my reward for enduring errands with Mom while the Oreo Brownie Earthquake—a sundae built with hot fudge, chunks of brownie, and Oreo cookie crumbles—happened on special occasions.

But let's be clear—my Dairy Queen rendezvous had nothing to do with celebrations or emotional solace. I seized the moment whenever the opportunity presented its

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