One more is never enough

He invites you to come over but doesn’t know who you are. He likes the skin you’re wearing, the bone structure beneath it. Would revealing more than that even be to your benefit? His chest looks hard, but his eyes seem soft, like light blue almonds of kindness. The conversation’s promisingly flirtatious, you think, as much as two foreign bodies can when they are 1,479 feet away. “Now?” He says, sharing an address but not his name. Knocking shyly on the stranger’s door, he appears cuter in pers

Guadalajara is your sexy undercover gay gem in Mexico

LGBTQ folks are nothing if not creative. However, it’s easy for us to perpetually choose from the mainstream selection of popular destinations to visit when it comes to travel. Mexico offers two of the most frequented cities for gays: Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City. But the Latin American travel hotspot nestles another secret gem that should not be missed: Guadalajara, Jalisco. Naturally, queers of Instagram might doubt just how gay Guadalajara is without the ocean scenery.

Should You Apply for a Job with a Video Resume?

Twenty-four-year-old Grace Wells has never experienced the often time-consuming process of uploading a résumé to an online job application portal. Instead, Wells landed her first corporate job in 2019 as a video director in New York with a video. Rather than submitting a traditional résumé, Wells decided to make a mock commercial using one of the company’s products, which eventually caught the attention of millions.

The Joy and Liberation of Customizing Your Avatar

The act of personalizing the character you'll play in a game is more than fun, it empowers you—and pulls you into the fantasy you're about to enjoy. If anything, the ability to design yourself into anything desired is a reminder physicality is the least of what comprises our shared humanity. Instead of bones, blood, and skin, every player online reflects the limbs of knowledge, opinions, cravings, and experience.

How Can We Achieve Sexual Liberation?

Today, racial equality, feminism, LGBTQ rights (almost in that order) are celebrated in media for the likes and comments of a new generation. However, the dynamics of gender and sex shifting for the millennium doesn't mean the patriarchal cage has been lifted. Back in the 1960s, the goal of the historically dubbed sexual revolution was to advocate that intercourse before marriage didn't make women less pure. Feminists succeeded in being reimagined as sexual creatures, but the price for liberation was objectification and exploitation.
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