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The Joy and Liberation of Customizing Your Avatar

The act of personalizing the character you'll play in a game is more than fun, it empowers you—and pulls you into the fantasy you're about to enjoy. If anything, the ability to design yourself into anything desired is a reminder physicality is the least of what comprises our shared humanity. Instead of bones, blood, and skin, every player online reflects the limbs of knowledge, opinions, cravings, and experience.

How a Kiss Outside of My Relationship Helped Me See a Way Out

In a relationship, there's a constant tug-of-war between reality and idealization. Absolute honesty is often the goal for new couples, but the complicated nuances of life inevitably strike with scenarios requiring little white lies or instances of withholding information. With the aid of time and conflict, dominos eventually fall into the spectrum of deception.

Five Favorite Celebrity Travel Destinations | Oyster

Celebrities have a reputation for being avid jetsetters, often setting trends and visiting destinations before they’re on the regular vacationer’s radar. Though no two travelers are made equal, you too can visit the same destinations that your favorite stars love the most. Enjoy the same social media-worthy views, indulge in access to the same local offerings, and breathe in the same invigorating air of being somewhere new.
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