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Once I Came Out, Dating Suddenly Became So Hot... And Complicated

Now, it appeared to me that gay men would rather entertain sex without chemistry than the grueling burden of getting to know each other. This was new for me. Being closeted had made my pursuits of vaginal intercourse gradual, to say the least. Usually, a girl would have to throw herself on top of me. I never felt like I had the option to say no then, and to a certain extent, I didn't now. I wasn’t opposed to casual sex, but I wanted romance, too. I craved everything: the white picket fence with a sex swing inside the house.
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Xtra Magazine (Pink Triangle Press)

Love at first lust: A young writer explores a lasting love denied… or is that deferred?

A short story about unrequited love, self-denial, and the influential power of coincidence.
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The Sexy, Liberating History of the Gay Leather Bar on 'AHS: NYC'

The walls are painted black; the lighting dimmed to the point you can only see what's in front of you. Masculine faces and bodies take up the perimeter; many are shirtless, wearing harnesses or leather gear; some try to lock eyes with you. But, of course, if you're only experiencing a gay leather bar via fiction on a screen, such flamboyant promiscuity must mean that danger is near. The mystique and allure of gay leather bars make them such a convincing setting for trouble. For over 40 years sin

Being a third wheel is actually so much fun that I followed my best friend and her boyfriend to Colombia for the summer.

• When my best friend invited me to Colombia with her and her boyfriend, I jumped at the chance. • I don't mind being a third wheel — you get the companionship while still getting to be single. • We loved our summer together in Medellín, and now, we're headed to Buenos Aires in the fall. I have always dreamed about traveling the world with the love of my life. Unfortunately, he hasn't yet appeared, so now I'm doing it with my best friend, Camila. OK, to be honest, she had been living her best

US cannabis company headed by once-convicted ‘kingpin’ now operating legally

Barry “Flash” Foy had his first encounter with the cannabis plant during the summer of Woodstock in the US, in 1969. “It was right after high school graduation when I smoked a joint with my buddy,” he told CannIntelligence. “It didn’t take me long to realise the financial possibilities. By the summer of 1970, I was selling pot from the back of a local bar in Columbia, South Carolina, to the GIs at Fort Jackson basic training base before they were shipped off to Vietnam.” Foy (pictured, left) c

How to say ‘Hasta mañana, Medellín!’ with a day trip to Guatapé – Colombia’s most colorful town

There are multiple ways to arrive at Guatape, an Andean resort town located in Antioquia, Colombia, that bridges upscale luxury with unabashed local culture. If you can’t handle worlds and social classes colliding, then maybe just roam within the compound of one of its surrounding 5-star hotels. For travelers and ex-pats making the journey from Poblado, Medellin: rent a car or hire a driver. During weekends, plan for traffic. Contracting a local driver obviously comes with the perks of Dolce F

What It’s Like To Be a Quadruplet

Our lives began in the Colombian capital of Bogotá simultaneously, my heart beating to the same rhythm as three others. The media celebrated the birth of my brothers and me in 1994 as if it were a miracle. It's weird to receive praise for just being born, but newspapers and magazines printed the news as such: ​"The first quadruplets safely delivered in 30 years."

The Joy and Liberation of Customizing Your Avatar

The act of personalizing the character you'll play in a game is more than fun, it empowers you—and pulls you into the fantasy you're about to enjoy. If anything, the ability to design yourself into anything desired is a reminder physicality is the least of what comprises our shared humanity. Instead of bones, blood, and skin, every player online reflects the limbs of knowledge, opinions, cravings, and experience.

‘Being gay is being free’ – Buenos Aires marchers share what Pride means to them

Argentinians have an attitude, whether it’s for better or worse. That’s what makes Buenos Aires such a unique city to live in – everyone is a character. At this year’s 2022 Marcha del Orgullo, the community showed up in full force to dance, march, and celebrate all things queer, demonstrating without a doubt that there are no basic bitches here. The female power at Pride was no joke. Argentinian women came out in droves, so the femme fatale was a presence to be reckoned with. (Though there was

A Gen Z Survival Guide for the Midterm Elections

You need to turn 18 to vote in the United States but not for your life to be in danger, girl. Marginalized youth have the most at stake in these upcoming Midterm elections—and arguably the rest of their lives—but the fun thing about America is that doomsday or common human decency is always an election away! Unfortunately, this coming November, the only political agenda targetting the nation’s public school system seems to be that of the white cis Republican trying to dismantle queer rights. Th

After my friend died in high school, her parents became my 2nd family. Many didn't understand our relationship.

• The death of my best friend permanently bonded me to her family, even when my own didn't understand. • Her family helped me channel my grief into action. • Over a decade after her death, I'm still in touch with her family. I stopped believing in God, became an alcoholic, returned to God, signed up for a gym membership, and even wrote poetry. I've coped with the death of my best friend in all sorts of ways. Yet she remains simultaneously one of my most cherished and anguished memories, and I'

My hot vax summer: Why cruising at the gym is the worst and best thing ever

Nothing prolongs my gym workout more than another hot guy hitting the weights. Every glance inspires an additional bicep curl; I’ve shifted from chest to back day to stay within cruising proximity. I’m not alone. Most of my gay friends who frequently exercise express this sentiment, many of them having at least one gym crush. You know, that person whose gym routine you mostly ingrained into memory and tried to replicate within your own schedule. You find yourself questioning where the hell they

Is It Time for Bravo to Cast Its First Gay Male ‘Real Housewife’?

Every queer viewer nodded in unison when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' newbie Diana Jenkins, meeting her castmates on camera for the first time in the Season 12 premiere, confessed that she is a gay man trapped inside a woman's body. And on a show that includes veterans Lisa Rinna and Eryka Jayne, Jenkins is hardly the only one at the table whose personality channels bold queerness or whose style might dabble in drag. In fact, what gay man hasn’t seen themself in one of the eccentric, fearl

Guadalajara is your sexy undercover gay gem in Mexico

LGBTQ folks are nothing if not creative. However, it’s easy for us to perpetually choose from the mainstream selection of popular destinations to visit when it comes to travel. Mexico offers two of the most frequented cities for gays: Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City. But the Latin American travel hotspot nestles another secret gem that should not be missed: Guadalajara, Jalisco. Naturally, queers of Instagram might doubt just how gay Guadalajara is without the ocean scenery.

Get Off the Digital Ferris Wheel of Dating

Imagine the apocalypse struck seven years ago and all that remained in the ashes of our society were singles mindlessly swiping on their phones. Well, that dating apocalypse actually happened, according to journalist Nancy Jo Sales in her 2015 Vanity Fair article, "Tinder and the Dawn of the 'Dating Apocalypse.'" The Atlantic's senior editor Julie Beck followed up in 2016 with a more hopeful spin, dubbing her take "The Rise of Dating-App Fatigue." This wasn't the end of dating as we knew it, b

One more is never enough

He invites you to come over but doesn’t know who you are. He likes the skin you’re wearing, the bone structure beneath it. Would revealing more than that even be to your benefit? His chest looks hard, but his eyes seem soft, like light blue almonds of kindness. The conversation’s promisingly flirtatious, you think, as much as two foreign bodies can when they are 1,479 feet away. “Now?” He says, sharing an address but not his name. Knocking shyly on the stranger’s door, he appears cuter in pers


"Have you been drinking a lot?" Dr. Akhavan repeated. The only other time my doctor had ever called after a check-up was to tell me I had gonorrhea, so any incoming calls from his office felt like the medical Grim Reaper. This time, he said my blood work had shown elevated liver enzymes. He told me to stop drinking until my next blood exam. Three months of sobriety didn’t seem like a problem to me — until the weekend arrived with all its tipsy opportunities. It was a wakeup call. Suddenly, it
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