For me, a compelling travel story educates, brings awareness, or boldly illustrates culture. The best do all three. 

Guadalajara is your sexy undercover gay gem in Mexico

LGBTQ folks are nothing if not creative. However, it’s easy for us to perpetually choose from the mainstream selection of popular destinations to visit when it comes to travel. Mexico offers two of the most frequented cities for gays: Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City. But the Latin American travel hotspot nestles another secret gem that should not be missed: Guadalajara, Jalisco. Naturally, queers of Instagram might doubt just how gay Guadalajara is without the ocean scenery.

How to say ‘Hasta mañana, Medellín!’ with a day trip to Guatapé – Colombia’s most colorful town

There are multiple ways to arrive at Guatape, an Andean resort town located in Antioquia, Colombia, that bridges upscale luxury with unabashed local culture. If you can’t handle worlds and social classes colliding, then maybe just roam within the compound of one of its surrounding 5-star hotels. For travelers and ex-pats making the journey from Poblado, Medellin: rent a car or hire a driver. During weekends, plan for traffic. Contracting a local driver obviously comes with the perks of Dolce F

You haven’t experienced drag until watching Rupaul’s Daya Betty perform at the Baltimore Eagle

The first time I saw an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race, it was Season 14, Episode 10, at a streaming party. Other guests called it the worst game of snatch game ever. It reaffirmed my decision to not participate in the mainstream cultural phenomenon. This was a sign the straights must have gotten to it. I was raised by the mentality of native Hispanic Catholic liberals who will tell you it’s ok to like men if you don’t act like a girl, genuinely thinking they’re being progressive. Visiting Balt

5 NYC coffee shops worthy of remote working & cruising

In New York, square footage is not unlike an endangered species. Working remotely manifests as less glamorous than in other metropolitan cities. It should be called ‘working from bed’ or ‘my one-foot desk in front of a window facing concrete.’ We’re not going to get started on how demoralizing Zoom becomes when you’re unable to hide your income. Since the inception of the iced latte (for a gay? Groundbreaking, we know.), the coffee shop has served as an escape from working at home for many – wh
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