Weaponizing Your Sex Appeal: Advice from NYFW's Experts

One hell of an on-going pandemic and seven months later: salons resume performing God’s work, restaurants approach re-opening indoors, companies demand employees commute their masked-up asses back to the office, and a new, new normal emerges. Sweatpants and slogan T-shirts are no longer a forgivable offense, so why are you still wearing outfits Mom picked out in college? It’s time to impress with more than your occupation.

Chained to the Screen: Are You Addicted to Porn?

In the land of capitalism, consumption is second nature, and moderation often takes a backseat to pleasure. Americans struggle with excess from food portions to social media usage, even abusing wellness to an extreme. Unsurprisingly, addiction thrives in our society, and hypersexuality thrusts between ambition and obsession. Admitting to binging Netflix will doubtfully inspire an intervention, but can indulging in too much porn be harmful?

Friends W/ Benefits: The Velvet Drapes Separating Buddies + Fucking

No amount of porn watched or Cosmopolitan read will make you an expert on women. Regardless of gender, understanding someone mentally requires getting to know them. Knowing how to pleasure a person demands practice – trial, and error, if you will. That’s why the execution of “friends with benefits” often fails: men ask the wrong questions, and women fixate on the love, more often than not, because the lust is lacking.

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