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Intimacy, love, and pleasure in all their forms are the greatest of human desires. Harnessing that knowledge and putting it into practice will make Romeo and Juliet look like child's play. 

I gave up casual sex and dating apps to try and find a deeper connection.

• There's nothing wrong with casual sex, but I realized it's not what I'm looking for right now. • A year ago I decided I wanted to try to make deeper connections with people. • Since then, I've stopped having casual sex. I'm still single, but I'm optimistic about my future. A lot goes through your mind when you're having sex. Much of it is speculation about what the other nude person in bed with you is thinking, desiring. Maybe you're preoccupied with wishing you would've had time to properly

Investigating the Who and Why of Body Hair

Some cultural norms are so deeply rooted that it feels like they've always been the law of the land. However, America's obsession with body hair—or the lack thereof for women—didn't begin until the 1920s. During this time, sleeveless dresses became popular and magazine ads began targeting women, selling them the importance of getting rid of unsightly underarm and leg hair. A few years later, a booming industry took root. Fast forward to today, and the global hair removal products market size is

Get Off the Digital Ferris Wheel of Dating

Imagine the apocalypse struck seven years ago and all that remained in the ashes of our society were singles mindlessly swiping on their phones. Well, that dating apocalypse actually happened, according to journalist Nancy Jo Sales in her 2015 Vanity Fair article, "Tinder and the Dawn of the 'Dating Apocalypse.'" The Atlantic's senior editor Julie Beck followed up in 2016 with a more hopeful spin, dubbing her take "The Rise of Dating-App Fatigue." This wasn't the end of dating as we knew it, b


"Have you been drinking a lot?" Dr. Akhavan repeated. The only other time my doctor had ever called after a check-up was to tell me I had gonorrhea, so any incoming calls from his office felt like the medical Grim Reaper. This time, he said my blood work had shown elevated liver enzymes. He told me to stop drinking until my next blood exam. Three months of sobriety didn’t seem like a problem to me — until the weekend arrived with all its tipsy opportunities. It was a wakeup call. Suddenly, it

How writing adult video scripts for women made me a better lover of men

​​ Queerty writer Jamie Valentino working on an adult video screenplay in Medellin, Colombia Online gay hookup culture typically involves sending a couple of images first and receiving some back. ‘What’s up?’ leads to ‘not much,’ and the parties in question confirm to be looking for now after approving each other’s facial features and bone structure and, perhaps, shape and size of genitalia. One hosts and the other travels. Through all this, though, hopeful lovers often consider dialogue unn

After my friend died in high school, her parents became my 2nd family. Many didn't understand our relationship.

• The death of my best friend permanently bonded me to her family, even when my own didn't understand. • Her family helped me channel my grief into action. • Over a decade after her death, I'm still in touch with her family. I stopped believing in God, became an alcoholic, returned to God, signed up for a gym membership, and even wrote poetry. I've coped with the death of my best friend in all sorts of ways. Yet she remains simultaneously one of my most cherished and anguished memories, and I'

My hot vax summer: Why cruising at the gym is the worst and best thing ever

Nothing prolongs my gym workout more than another hot guy hitting the weights. Every glance inspires an additional bicep curl; I’ve shifted from chest to back day to stay within cruising proximity. I’m not alone. Most of my gay friends who frequently exercise express this sentiment, many of them having at least one gym crush. You know, that person whose gym routine you mostly ingrained into memory and tried to replicate within your own schedule. You find yourself questioning where the hell they

How a Kiss Outside of My Relationship Helped Me See a Way Out

In a relationship, there's a constant tug-of-war between reality and idealization. Absolute honesty is often the goal for new couples, but the complicated nuances of life inevitably strike with scenarios requiring little white lies or instances of withholding information. With the aid of time and conflict, dominos eventually fall into the spectrum of deception.

Knock Please! How to React When Someone Finds You Masturbating

Deciding how to verbally address an embarrassing situation often comes with an unshakeable feeling of dread. You not only have to experience the humiliating event again, but you're forced to talk about it. A failure to knock is a frequent culprit for these kinds of interactions. So I ask you: If another person walked in on you while you were masturbating, how would you react? There's a strong chance this isn't a hypothetical question. Most households in the U.S. are shared, whether via family,

Weaponizing Your Sex Appeal: Advice from NYFW's Experts

One hell of an on-going pandemic and seven months later: salons resume performing God’s work, restaurants approach re-opening indoors, companies demand employees commute their masked-up asses back to the office, and a new, new normal emerges. Sweatpants and slogan T-shirts are no longer a forgivable offense, so why are you still wearing outfits Mom picked out in college? It’s time to impress with more than your occupation.

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