Five Favorite Celebrity Travel Destinations | Oyster

Celebrities have a reputation for being avid jetsetters, often setting trends and visiting destinations before they’re on the regular vacationer’s radar. Though no two travelers are made equal, you too can visit the same destinations that your favorite stars love the most. Enjoy the same social media-worthy views, indulge in access to the same local offerings, and breathe in the same invigorating air of being somewhere new.

The Dos and Don'ts of Dating Online

Being proficient in online dating is like speaking another language. And just like having an English accent, it can get you laid. What? Just like all our favorite reality TV stars, we didn’t come here to make friends… But even if you did, you will never find your BFF if you don’t have a profile they’ll want to meet in person. Some are more obvious than other, yet we still see each mistake happening everyday. Don’t let your profile become another swipe left or a screenshot or a meme or whatever k

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