Is It Time for Bravo to Cast Its First Gay Male ‘Real Housewife’?

Every queer viewer nodded in unison when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' newbie Diana Jenkins, meeting her castmates on camera for the first time in the Season 12 premiere, confessed that she is a gay man trapped inside a woman's body. And on a show that includes veterans Lisa Rinna and Eryka Jayne, Jenkins is hardly the only one at the table whose personality channels bold queerness or whose style might dabble in drag. In fact, what gay man hasn’t seen themself in one of the eccentric, fearl

Daniel Franzese on ‘Mean Girls’, which ‘Drag Race’ judge deserves the Burn Book, and being a “big man”

Daniel Franzese starred as one of the first gay characters in the film industry to be shown in countries where identifying as LGBTQ can cost your life. That’s because Mean Girls‘ Damian might have been too gay to function, but he never verbalized his sexuality in the movie, which allowed it to move past censorship, and many viewers around the globe got a glimpse of their first gay person. Foreign homophobes were probably screaming: She doesn’t even go here! Regardless, Franzese is still here an

Thom Filicia on his drag persona’s tipsy backstory, that latex jumpsuit, and a ‘Queer Eye’ crossover

Thom Filicia has touched the homes of countless Americans (including Jennifer Lopez and Tina Fey) and served as the design expert of the original cast of the cultural staple Queer Eye for the Straight Eye. He publicly celebrated the transcendent magic of queerness on television before homophobia was policed online. There’s not much Filicia hasn’t accomplished in his career, though drag queen is now part of his Rolodex. After being the third contestant eliminated on Rupaul’s Secret Celebrity Dra

Taylor Dayne talks competing as a drag queen, her crazy TV mishaps, and new music on the way

The disco balls at gay bars have been spinning to the music of Taylor Dayne for three decades. We recognized the ’80s icon watching Electra Owl lip-sync for her life on Rupaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race episode 1. You can’t hide pop legends from millennial gays! So, it was all the more surprising that she had to lip-sync for her life again in episode 2, this time being eliminated. But, perhaps, it’s really a compliment to Dayne’s authenticity as a vocalist that she struggled with remembering

Legendary Jack Mizrahi is spreading the gospel of ballroom across the globe

Television shows like Netflix’s Pose and HBO’s Legendary might’ve brought the art of ballroom to an international audience, but they were hardly the creators of it. The scene originated in New York City in the 1920s underground by drag queens and trans women, then it expanded to include gay men in the 1970s. This community was desperate to make themselves seen – at least to find visibility in each other – liberating their inhibitions from a society determined to ignore or erase them. Enter Jac

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