SEXY GIFTS TO GET YOU LAID: Advice + The Hottest Products

Most people only tolerate the idea of Christmas shopping. Fewer enjoy the actual act of gift buying, and only a small percentage consider themselves cool, calm, collected, AND successful gift-givers. I don’t care what anyone says: receiving an extraordinary gift serves as an aphrodisiac in a relationship. Christmas morning can abruptly escalate from unwrapping presents to unwrapping a condom – an intense, capitalism-fueled passion. Regardless of your moral vendetta against the fashion industry, you can support Bernie Sanders and still appreciate the excitement of receiving an item that doesn’t require a desperate rescue mission for the receipt.


Let’s be honest, giving gifts is fun but choosing them can be torture. Everyone loves to shop but occasionally experiences the disappointment of online shopping gone wrong, it can be traumatic. Thanks to the pandemic, holiday shopping will be a record-breaking virtual experience this year. Despite the benefits of leisure, it injected steroids into the black hole of browsing with exponentially more online options. Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide’s mission is committed to gifting you back that time.

Advice on Home Decor from New York Influencers and Fashionistas

One of the early symptoms of achieving adulthood is a sudden interest in home decor, especially for those who've been preparing for this their whole lives with too many Saturday nights spent modifying alternative versions of the perfect home playing the Sims. Throw pillows, wall art, decorative bases, ect.; it becomes an aphrodisiac for some of us. Unfortunately, unlike the video game, life doesn't come with a starter budget,

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