Essays & Short Stories

Below is a selection of my personal favorite essays and short stories, each with a memory pivotal to my being or channeling an emotion too nuanced to verbalize in a sentence. (Otherwise noted, the work on this page is nonfiction.)

Once I Came Out, Dating Suddenly Became So Hot... And Complicated

I entered my first gay bar on the eve of my 21st birthday. I was in between apartments in New York and temporarily staying at my brother's. When I searched for the nearest LGBTQ+-friendly spaces in his Lower East Side neighborhood, a bar called Boiler Room popped up. My heart started pounding faster as I entered the venue, though I felt relieved by the lack of a doorman. The one time I tried entering a gay bar in the past was the only time my fake ID had ever failed. Still in the closet, I had

One more is never enough

He invites you to come over but doesn’t know who you are. He likes the skin you’re wearing, the bone structure beneath it. Would revealing more than that even be to your benefit? His chest looks hard, but his eyes seem soft, like light blue almonds of kindness. The conversation’s promisingly flirtatious, you think, as much as two foreign bodies can when they are 1,479 feet away. “Now?” He says, sharing an address but not his name. Knocking shyly on the stranger’s door, he appears cuter in pers

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