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US cannabis company headed by once-convicted ‘kingpin’ now operating legally

Barry “Flash” Foy had his first encounter with the cannabis plant during the summer of Woodstock in the US, in 1969. “It was right after high school graduation when I smoked a joint with my buddy,” he told CannIntelligence. “It didn’t take me long to realise the financial possibilities. By the summer of 1970, I was selling pot from the back of a local bar in Columbia, South Carolina, to the GIs at Fort Jackson basic training base before they were shipped off to Vietnam.” Foy (pictured, left) c

The Sexy, Liberating History of the Gay Leather Bar on 'AHS: NYC'

The walls are painted black; the lighting dimmed to the point you can only see what's in front of you. Masculine faces and bodies take up the perimeter; many are shirtless, wearing harnesses or leather gear; some try to lock eyes with you. But, of course, if you're only experiencing a gay leather bar via fiction on a screen, such flamboyant promiscuity must mean that danger is near. The mystique and allure of gay leather bars make them such a convincing setting for trouble. For over 40 years sin

Is It Time for Bravo to Cast Its First Gay Male ‘Real Housewife’?

Every queer viewer nodded in unison when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' newbie Diana Jenkins, meeting her castmates on camera for the first time in the Season 12 premiere, confessed that she is a gay man trapped inside a woman's body. And on a show that includes veterans Lisa Rinna and Eryka Jayne, Jenkins is hardly the only one at the table whose personality channels bold queerness or whose style might dabble in drag. In fact, what gay man hasn’t seen themself in one of the eccentric, fearl

Legendary Jack Mizrahi is spreading the gospel of ballroom across the globe

Television shows like Netflix’s Pose and HBO’s Legendary might’ve brought the art of ballroom to an international audience, but they were hardly the creators of it. The scene originated in New York City in the 1920s underground by drag queens and trans women, then it expanded to include gay men in the 1970s. This community was desperate to make themselves seen – at least to find visibility in each other – liberating their inhibitions from a society determined to ignore or erase them. Enter Jac

The Joy and Liberation of Customizing Your Avatar

The act of personalizing the character you'll play in a game is more than fun, it empowers you—and pulls you into the fantasy you're about to enjoy. If anything, the ability to design yourself into anything desired is a reminder physicality is the least of what comprises our shared humanity. Instead of bones, blood, and skin, every player online reflects the limbs of knowledge, opinions, cravings, and experience.

5 gay-approved Latina pop stars you should be streaming now

Pop music might sound a lot like gay rights, but the actual stage often only offers room for heteronormative artists. In Latin America, it’s even harder for unabashedly queer Latinx pop stars to thrive. And while it’s easy to root for the hunky, shirtless Ricky Martin and Pablo Alboráns of the world, our Latina queer/ally ladies deserve love too. So it’s time to learn the names of women who’ve weaponized their music to blur the lines between entertainment and resistance. Related: Ricky Marti

How the movie “Shelter” helped me come out and redefine love

The last thing gay men need in the queer film industry is another coming-of-age trope, but after rewatching 2007’s Shelter, I couldn’t help but think that maybe more would be OK. Seeing five-year-old Cody (Jackson Wurth) insist his young uncle Zach (Trevor Wright) be his ‘Daddy’ (in place of his absent father), I remember the times I, too, forced this role on unsuspecting older men. But I digress. Nothing new could be said about being closeted besides that it sucks. And that’s what makes Shelt

Manu Ríos is ‘Elite’s’ breakout star, but there’s so much more to this Spanish sex bomb

Manu Ríos knows sex sells–or at least his agent does. The art of seduction is plastered all over the 23-year-old’s career and on Instagram. The Elite breakout star is not shy to trap his 10 million followers in thirst with his on-screen sex scenes and off-screen selfies. But beyond the smokes and mirrors of his undeniable sex appeal, who is this young internet sensation? As the Spanish sex bomb delivers some serious sex bombs in the forthcoming season 6 of Elite, Queerty staff scourged the Int

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