About Jamie Valentino

A renaissance man is considered a person who has wide interests and is an expert in several areas. Younger, I looked up to this concept of not having to choose, and so because a term existed for it - reading like a compliment - I decided that it was okay not to set myself in stone in a specific area but write about what resonated with my soul and experiences (or, of course, as a freelancer, the souls of my employers).

I am committed to creating narratives that reveal original truths about humanity or the ever-changing world we live in, instead of headlines with clickbait. My ideas and opinions are not without flaws, but they are written with passion, reflection, and research.

Currently, I freelance for VICE Asia/India, cover market and regulatory intelligence for CBD-Intel, and write columns & short stories that have been published in VICE, WIREDAcross the Margin, W42ST Magazine, and Statement of Record. My articles have been republished in the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Orlando Sentinel, the Baltimore Sun, and various other newspapers nationally.

Thus far, I've had the pleasure of writing travel articles for Smarter Travel Media; interviewing influencers and celebrities for POP Style TV; authoring the advice column Sexpert in PROVOKR; fuzing art, history, and humor for Google's Arts & Culture website; interviewing designers and fashion photographers for Milan's Faddy Magazine; managing Shark Tank's Paparazzi Proposals romance blog; and producing marketing material and home lifestyle advice for Manhattan Renovations & Minneapolis Contractor's Choice. I've also reviewed fashion, film, and food for ArtSugar, The Queer Review, Quiet Lunch, and VULKAN Magazine.


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