I began my career as a writer by perpetually thinking of ways not to sound cheesy, planning, and showcasing engagement proposals for Shark Tank's Paparazzi Proposals. Their high end or celebrity proposals occasionally received press, and I found myself writing real-life love stories and contributing romantic advice for other publications through the pseudonym of the company. At the same time, I started as a freelance journalist for POP Style TV, serving as their New York Fashion Week and Tribeca Film Festival correspondent. 

Over the years, I developed a very narcissistic approach to journalism and storytelling. It was humbling to learn that there were plenty of others who enjoyed writing in the same personalized style; they called themselves columnists. You can read my essays in Google Arts & Culture, W42ST Magazine, LUXE Magazine, VULKAN Magazine, and more.

After my experience giving romantic and dating advice, it felt inevitable to join couples in the bedroom, authoring PROVOKR's biweekly column sexpert. 

However, I craved the freedom to express specific, personal topics, and controversial ideas in ways that writing reflections of my own experiences made difficult. Detaching myself from the medium, I discovered a knack for short stories. The perils and joys of life suddenly became like powerful seeds that only required a creative gay man's satirical affinity for the dramatics to grow.  

"Sober" was published by Statement of Record in September 2018, and "Now It Affects You" was published by Across the Margin in June 2020.


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