About Jamie Valentino

A renaissance man is considered a person who has wide interests and is an expert in several areas. Younger, I looked up to this concept of not having to choose, and so because a term existed for it - reading like a compliment - I decided that it was okay not to set myself in stone in a specific area but write about what resonated with my soul and experiences (or, of course, as a freelancer, the souls of my employers). 

I am committed to creating narratives that reveal original truths about humanity or its ever-changing society instead of headlines with clickbait. My ideas and opinions are not without flaws, but they are written with passion, reflection, and research.

I've written for Condé Nast, VICE, Hearst, CBD-Intel, Google Arts & Culture, Smarter Travel Media, among others.  

My articles have been republished nationally, including the Chicago Tribune, NY Daily News, Houston Chronicle, Orlando Sentinel, IndependentBaltimore Sun, etc. 

My literary work has been published in VICE, XTRA Magazine, Across the Margin, Statement of RecordW42ST Magazine, and Maudlin House. In June 2021, I was selected as a finalist of the inaugural SinC Pride Award recognizing emerging LGBTQ authors. My stories have been shortlisted in Fractured Lit's 2020 Micro-Fiction Contest and longlisted in Fish Publishing's Flash Fiction Prize 2021.


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