Colombian-born, Miami-raised, New York-based.

I don't particularly appreciate speaking in the third person because it feels like actor Morgan Freeman retook the narrator hostage.

I am a freelance journalist, columnist, and short story author. My work reaches beyond any niche or industry but covers innovation, modern culture, or the human spirit. 

I've written commissioned stories for VICE, WIRED, Business Insider, Houston Chronicle, Smarter Travel Media, Canadian Business, Xtra Magazine, Giddy, etc.

My articles and essays have been republished nationwide in over 30 newspapers and publications, including Chicago Tribune, NY Daily News, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, etc.

In June 2021, SinC selected me as a finalist for their inaugural Pride Award, recognizing emerging LGBTQ authors. In addition, I've been longlisted for The DISQUIET 2022 Literary Prize and shortlisted in Fish Publishing's Flash Fiction Prize 2021 and Fractured Lit's 2020 Micro-Fiction Contest.


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